Letter from the Incorporators


         Here at BASSBest, we thrive in working together as a group. The spirit of cooperation, the collective efforts, dedication and hard work are clearly influential to the Company’s progress. The Company continues to be one of the leaders in its industry because of its human resources who have contributed their skills, talents and resources.

     More importantly, the core values of commitment, unlimited patience, trustworthy, respect, resourceful, specialization, and Informative, customer service, teamwork, concern for people and loyalty are believed to have strengthened the bond between Best Automation Surveillance and Security Products Corporation and its human resources. We shall work hand in hand towards the successful internalization of these values into your system.

This handbook therefore aims to:

  • Provide you with basic information about BASSBest Automation Surveillance and Security Products Corporation.
  • Respond to queries you may have during the course of your employment.
  • Capture the more significant policies, rules of conduct, fringe benefits and privileges, the opportunities and services you can avail of, and your responsibilities.

       This handbook only highlights the more important policies and does not cover in detail all the Company’s regulations. However, it should provide answers to many questions that may arise during your employment. The Company rules and regulations provide the basic standards of behavior as we carry out our work and as we relate to one another. It will also enable us to understand and know better the Company, its organization and expectations.

          It is our hope that you will do your best towards achieving our common goals. It takes collective will and effort to realize these expectations.

          We urge you to go over this handbook. In case you have further questions, please consult your immediate superior or the Human Resources Department.

           We look forward to your long and fruitful stay at BASSBest Automation Surveillance and Security Products Corporation

        Best Automation