Power Fence

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Serious security question that needs to be answered in our present day situation. Could thieves or vandals gain access to your property thru your fence, over your wall or thru your roof?
If your answer is yes or maybe then, your property is vulnerable to burglary, theft and vandalism.

What is a PowerFence System?

PowerFence System is a non-lethal, security monitored electric perimeter fencing system, that uses a series of high tensile wire constructed on top of existing fence (with or without steel grilles), for the primary purpose of deterring any would be intruder.

Any intruder who touches the system will experience a short, sharp, painful, but safe shock.
The System is also equipped with a monitoring system that triggers an alarm siren and strobe if the fence wires are cutted or tampered with.
PowerFence System is a system that can run 24/7 without the need of monitoring the system by anyone. The system never sleeps, thus giving you in return a good night sleep.

PowerFence System provides:

    DEFENCE – a substantial physical obstacle that must be penetrated before entering your premise.
    DETERRENCE – a strong visual and psychological way of preventing intrustions.
    DETECTION – a siren and strobe is triggered once the fence wire is cut  or tampered.
    SECURITY ALARM SYSTEM – whether a stand alone system or integrated, it monitors the fence wire for breaks and tampering.
    PEACE OF MIND – a back up power assures the system is operational 24/7.
    SAVINGS – no need to hire additional guards, no need for costly re-painting jobs.

The system is safe, effective and reliable, providing a peace of mind day and night that your property and family are securely protected. Once installed, many of your security problems or fear will simply go away.

The price of a PowerFence is on a project-based method. Therefore, to give you the most reasonable price for an electric fence project, we recommend an occular survey. If not, you may send us details. Please contact us.