Security Electric Fence Gallery

BASSBEST Automation specializes in Security Electric Fences installations, in partnership with NEMTEK the leading supplier of innovative electric fencing products, both locally and abroad. We provide the best solutions for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural applications.


Here are some of our Security Electric Fence installation for Residential areas.

Our Security Electric Fence System ensures the safety of you and your home, by acting as a deterrent to criminals and providing advanced warnings, should the fence be tampered or compromised in any way. With a wide range of styles to choose from our Security Electric Fence System protects your home while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing design.


Here are some of our Security Electric Fence installation for Industrial uses.

The need for protection of large-scale industrial areas is met by our full-height fencing solutions. Whether applied as a standalone solution or added to existing fencing, BASSBEST Automation offers safety and security to any industrial site.



Reasons for using a Electric Fence in your farms.

Security Electric Fence can generate a high-voltage shock that will deter animals from leaving a safe environment and journeying outside. Wild animals and other unwanted predators can also be controlled by keeping them outside a controlled area and separate them from another group of animals.
Security Electric Fencing is more affordable than most conventional and traditional barriers controlling animals, the shock also keeps the animals away from the fence. Furthermore it will reduce damage to the fence itself and to your animals  unlike rusted barbed wires.

How an Security Electric Fence works?

When the animal touches the Security Electric Fence the pulse will flow from the live wires to the animal, then into the earth, and back to the energizer completing the circuit. The completion of the circuit delivers a quick, memorable, but safe shock to the animal.